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2017 Birthday Support Notice [English ver]     by 

Hello. This is with Donghae.
We’re preparing Donghae’s birthday support this year again, and hope for your participation.  

1. Birthday message
We're collecting birthday message for Donghae.
With birthday message, any albums or songs that you like to recommend to Donghae, please write it as a letter since it'll pass it to him directly.
For example, the song that you ever wanted him to sing in concert or etc, any songs or albums can recommend :)  

Period: Now ~ 9/22 (Fri)
Email title supposed to be [생일 축하 메시지] and send us an email to dh_bday@naver.com
Once you send us an email, we won't send any confirmation email.
So please avoid to send the duplicate emails. ^^

2. Birthday support donation (+remaining goods sales)
We’re receiving birthday donation, and depends on the amount that you donate you’ll able to get the gifts.
All amount for donation will use for Donghae’s birthday support.

A set (10USD): transparent fan + photocard & postcard set
B set (20USD): transparent fan + strap + photocard & postcard set
C set (30USD): transparent fan + strap + hologram photocard + photocard & postcard set
D set (50USD): transparent fan + strap + hologram photocard + calendar + photocard & postcard set

Deposit amount: the amount of set that you want to buy + delivery fee
(For people receive it within Korea, up to 2 sets delivery fee is 4,000KRW. Apart from that, please contact us via email.)

Deposit period: 8/28 ~ 10/13
Pre-order period: 8/28 ~ 9/10
Delivery: in December

Deposit account: Bank of KOREA  1986-1015-00 Sung Seuleon
Paypal : with.donghae861015@gmail.com
(For paypal, please contact us to with.donghae861015@gmail.com before you send us money. We refunded many times due to the people didn’t change the amount and just send it to us)

Maximum amount of donator and random donators will receive sign poster, photo frame and etc.
The gifts of set may change. Once we change it, we’ll announce it via twitter and website.

After donation, please send us an email to hae_861015@naver.com with the title of [2017 생일 모금]
1. Depositor’s name:
2. Deposit date:
3. Deposit method (bank, paypal) / deposit amount:
4. The set that you ordered:  Eg. 1 Set B / 15USD + 4,000KRW
5. Address:
6. Postcode:
7. Contact number:
8. Additional comments:

Any other queries about birthday support, please contact to hae_861015@naver.com

* No personal gifts will collect for this year's birthday support. Thank you.
2017 Birthday Support Notice [Japanese ver]

2017 생일 기념 서포트 공지 [Korean ver]


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