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When you join in, the nickname should not include member's name, symbol and repeatable words (ex. donghae, donghai, donghae♥, dddd and etc).
Also please make sure all the nickname is within 12 letters of English and 6 letters of Korean.
Any other enquiries such as changing nickname, please send the message to With동해.  

1.“with Donghae” is Lee Donghae’s personal fansite.
“with donghae” is a fansite supports Lee Donghae. Our priority is support Donghae, so we will delete all the articles that uncertain rumours about him and also the articles that relate with his private life without notification.
As much as you care about Donghae, please keep Donghae’s private life and also other his life.

2.Please use appropriate words to call Donghae depend on age.
We strictly ban people who are younger than Donghae to call him as Donghaeya or any other words that demean Donghae.
If you are younger than him, please call him with words such as Donghaeoppa or Donghaenim and so on.

3.Strictly ban to spread rumours or slander other celebrities.
Celebrities get attention from people but they don’t deserve to suffer by uncertain rumours and slander.
Please remind that your simple word can hurt Donghae and other celebrities, furthermore, can make Donghae as a victim.

4.Fair criticism can help Donghae to improve himself but unfair criticism can be harming Donghae.
Fans can be criticizing their star by fair criticism, but inappropriate criticism can be poison.
Please realize the difference between fair and unfair criticism.

5.Please keep basic manners to Donghae.
Even if Donghae is a celebrity,we believe fans must keep the etiquette to the celebrities.  
We strictly ban the comments that feminization of Donghae and also relate him as couple with other members of Super Junior.
Please find the difference between joke and reality.

6.Please enjoy “with Donghae” after you join in by your personal information.
Once we find out the sharing ID, we will notice you first caution.
When we find out ID sharing after first caution, that username will withdrawal from “with Donghae” without notification.
Also stealing other person’s personal information is illegal activity.
If you using “with Donghae” by stealing information, we will of course withdrawal without notification and also will reject IP address. So please use “with Donghae” by your information.

7.All the data posted on “with Donghae” is available to move to the places where support Donghae.
All the copyrights for data on “with Donghae” are Donghae’s possession.
So when you move the data on “with Donghae” please leave the credit with it. We strictly ban to use our data as business purpose.
All the datas on “with Donghae” should not modify from original data (such as editing logo, re-sizing, second modify and re-upload on UCC website).

Any other enquires please send the messages to "아이린" or e-mail.

E-mail : with.donghae861015@gmail.com



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